Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amazon warranty experience


After month of usage I've got crack (1/4") starting at the lower left corner of the screen, in the plastic casing (the screen itself is fine).

I wrote letter to Amazon service. Lately I received an answer. From the answer I understand that I need to call to customer service. I live in Ukraine and it’s costly to me to call to US. I wrote another letter to describe situation. But the answer was the same

The Call

I called to customer service and described the situation. After short talk I was assured that my kindle will be changed to new one and all my charges will be refunded.

In action

  1. There was order created for me. I should pay for the new Kindle and for shipping ($210).
  2. Money for my old Kindle and it’s shipping to Ukraine was refunded on my card one week later ($210).That day I confirmed order to my new Kindle.
  3. Later I went to the UPS office and sent my old kindle back to Amazon ($106,5)
  4. In 10 days I received my money back.

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  1. small update. it's possible to call amazon toll free number via skype ;)