Friday, May 20, 2016

JEEConf 2016 - Day 1

First impressions.

Place for conference is much better than we had last year. Now trip from stage to stage takes no more than one minute. It's very good for those who chose wrong talk.

Lunch in boxes is a cool idea. No queues for lunch at all this time. However portions are abit smaller. But you can take some extra snacks anywhere, so it's not a minus.

There where interesting and not interesting speeches for me. I've got great insights regarding Spark and Scala. BigData processing is mainstream now.

Also speech about JUnit 5 was very interesting. I believe I've got whole idea of JUnit 5. Alot of valuable things coming there.

Entertaiments from sponcors
Not as much as last year.

This day buzzwords

spark, scala, kotlin