Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vim in four days

Vim is the one of the most powerful and widely used text editor. But how can you learn it staying at home with children. The answer is simple and straightforward. You can learn vim by rough memorizing. 
For inspiration you may use any youtube screencast
As a step by step guide I use this book. I read one chapter in 10-20 minutes. Then I try to recollect shortcuts while playing with children. At the evening or on the next morning I try to use them. And here is result of past three days.

1-st day

  • Navigation keys "hjkl".
  • Insert {"i"} and normal {Esc} mode. 
  • page up and page down {CTRL-U CTRL-D}
  • undo {"u"} and block undo {"U"}
  • Home {"^"} and end {"$"}

2-nd day

  • Word by word navigation {"b" "w"}
  • Delete word {"dw"}or couple of words {"d5w"}
  • Append characters to the end {"A"}
  • Delete line {"dd"}
  • append line {"o" "O"}

3-rd day

  • Join lines {"J"} or join five lines at once {"5J"}
  • Find character "s" in line {"fs"}
  • Repeat last modifcation {"."}
  • Record macro for key "n" {"qn" commands... then "q"}
  • Invoke recorded macro {"@n"}

4-th day

I skipped some parts since I don't need it in near future (and they are boring :) ). These parts are:
  • Filtering 
  • Working with windows
Then I stucked with visual block mode. I even can't turn it on (with CTRL-V hotkey). I googled a little bit and found the solution. Use CTRL-Q instead of CTRL-V on Windows.
Visual block mode I'm going to learn with tecnique read and try because I can't imagine behavior of VIM.
BTW: Vrapper fo Eclipse still doesn't support visual block mode.